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Anonymous said...

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lorrieonlocation said...

Thank you thank you!!!! to you and your GREAT team/family!!!

I looooved your seminar!!! A wealth of information gathered in such a short period of time!!!

With so many scams out there, people don't believe that if something is priced inexpensively, that there's something that must be wrong with this.... WELL!!!!!! I'm am sooo grateful that I found my treasure chest of knowledge!!!

After the seminar was over, I couldn't believe that the price was what it was!!!!! I think what I gained was definately....


What a pleasure I had to be in the midst of soooo many master instructors with documented success, who have helped ALOT of people, with proven track records, and not to mention great people who care about their families and team that they treat like their families!!!!


I love love loved my weekend!!!! Thank you!!!!

I have to admit that I was kinda sad the seminar was over. BUT - I'm looking forward to learning from the masters and hoping I will be able to teach my success stories to others, just like you!!!

I'll definately will be the first in line to anything that I see you, your lovely wife, and great team do!!! I am definitely look forward to future seminars!!!

Thank you again for the positive AND productive weekend AND for making me feel ALSO like family!!!!!

Your future success story,
Lorrie I

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